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                     The work for 45. Oktobarski Salon  -  Continental Breakfast



   Title   -        The Chance in Art


 Aim  -         Accepting chance as  a part of art forming and culture

                     forming process.


Premises    a /  The critic  / selector /  is the coauthor of the work of art.

                      b /  In order to make something one has to break something.


Concept    The complete work has two parts: the texts and the object.


Step 1.      After reading my text you, Anda Rotenberg will decide if you want to

                   exhibit the work or not.

Step 2.       If you decide to exhibit the work you should also do following:

                   By throwing a dice or tossing a coin or by any other haphazard way  

                   that you choose you will perform the final selection of the work.

                   For example, on the way to the restaurant where you perhaps dine

                   sometimes,  you can decide to exhibit my work if you find your

                   favourite waiter there. Only if my work passes this final selection can

                   it be exhibited completely.

                  You would also have to write a short explanation of how you    

                   performed the final selection.

                  That text would be exhibited as a part of the work.


Step 3a.     If by chance my work does not pass the final seletion it would not be

                   shown completely. In that case only this text and your text would be



Step 3b.      If by chance the complete work can be exhibited it would consist of :

                    this text + your text + the object.


The Object

                    As far as I could find out a single continental breakfast is served and

                    consumed in a ceramic set of:  1 main plate + plate on which the

                    bread is served + plate for butter and marmalade + a cup and a

                    saucer, all  together 5 separate pieces.

                    My idea is to break this set into pieces and then glue all the pieces

                    into a single work in the form of a ribbon or a strip. What will it

                    exactly look like, at this moment, I dont know. Somethig similar is

                    shown on the photograph of my previous works. The lenght of the

                    object would be about 2 m.

                   This object would be exhibited hanging in the gallery, accompanied

                    by a photograph / 9cm - 12cm / of the table set for continentabreakfast

                    / and of course our two texts /.


                   Beograd  09. 06. 2004                                          



In the mean time together the selector Anda Rotenberg and I introduced some changes into the original concept .

She offered to bring her own set which she uses for breakfast.So instead of breaking a standard breakfast  set brought from a hotel I could use her own cup and plates for  the object I was to make.

      I also suggested a change. According to my original concept  if the work did not pass the final selection /step 3a /, in that case  only the texts would be exhibited. When Anda Rotenberg threw the coin and when it fell on the side showing that  the object that I intented to make could not be exhibited I somehow lost the courage to go through with my original idea. I thought that exhibiting only the texst would not represent me well enough. I also thought that perhaps Anda Rotenberg who already offered to sacrifice her own cup and plates would not be totaly pleased  to see only the texts at the end of our joint enterprise. For those reasons I proposed to change my original idea  and to exhibit  photographs showing several steps in the process of becoming of this work.


Beograd   06 09 2004                                               



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