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Multimedia Project


Face to face


Authors: Srdjan Vukajlovic

               Katica Pavelka Vukajlovic



She was rather successful in the role of an artist - ceramist ( awards, exhibitions) then she met him. They got married and a child was born. She then had to change her role and become a mother and a housewife. Sometimes unsatisfied with her new role ( work, responsibility, worries.. ) she is unable to fulfill both (even the closest surrounding doesn’t support her ). Occasional attempts to be artist  end with a feeling of guilt because she might be neglecting her child and being to long in the role of housewife provokes a feeling of professional failure

In the end she is frustrated and depressed


He was rather unsuccessful in the role of an artist - sculptor – ceramist. When the child was born he tried occasionally to be of some help in the house (..It is  women’s duty to take care of the baby and the household. It is her “natural” role). but preferred to be an artist. In 12 years since he made three exhibitions and was awarded several times and the result was gain of self confidence and a slight feeling of success.


She is now ready to take on her artist role again.


He is now “mature” enough to take a role of housewife, cook etc and in that way help her be an artist again.



a/ society functions on roles

b/ artist is a role in a society, a link in the chain of making of culture


The Aim of this exhibition was to show that art becomes as a result of work of community as a whole. It is a task that artist does not perform alone by himself.


Exhibition consisted of 2 video documentaries and 5 ceramic - sculpture groups.

Videos were made by Srdjan Vukajlovic. One video shows a day in life of Katica Pavelka Vukajlovic in role of housewife and  the other shows day in life of Srdjan Vukajlovic as a “housewife” together with his reflections on roles, values etc.

Ceramics sculptures were made by Katica Pavelka Vukajlovic.


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