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zajedno 1

Interaction is a project that in an obvious way shows that art is result of social interactions between the artist and his/her environment. Everyone is responsible for the culture of a society that he/she lives in


Art consumers and visitors of a gallery in Cacak donated old cups and plates to the artist. He ’’transformed’’ them into sculptures and after the exhibition donated the works to the people who gave him the cups and plates. Exhibition also included  textual statements of those who like to visit galleries. In these statements art consumers explain why they think art is important  and the reasons why they like to visit exhibitions.


A short documentary, "Opinion pool", filmed in the streets of Cacak was also included in the exhibition. The people in the streets were asked if they visit galleries and and should we close the galleries since there are not very many people visiting them


The photos presented here show  part of the exhibition.


The fountain     h 25 cm

Portrait            w 30 cm h 32 cm

Corner object   h 20 cm



All works are made of broken cups and plates glued with silicon glue

anketaOpinion Pool
  fontana 200
fontana 500
  portret 200
ugaoni pbjekat 500
  Ugaoni objekat