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A Multimedia Project


Homage to Stevan Knezevic



“Art is important but I don’t know why ” (Jean Cocto)


What are the values of art today? What are the values that we stand for? What is art for? Why is it important? What is its role in society? These are some of the questions that I ask myself and for which I seek the answer.


Premises: Culture is result of the work of society as a whole. It is a consequence of various harmonization and interchanges in the society. Artist is just a link in the chain of culture forming process.


Aim: To point out at a part of the “net” that forms the culture and its values here. In that “net” which is otherwise “unseen”, are opinions, ideas and motivations of those in our society who are not artists (art critics, historians, politicians etc) but whose opinions and doings strongly influence cultural scene here. At the same tome I am trying to remind the society of an artist who died 15 years ago. In his life time the critics and his colleagues considered him to be one the most interesting visual artists in Serbia but very soon after he died he and his work seemed to be almost totally forgotten.


Concept of the exhibition:

1 To Interview art professors, curators, critics, historians, politicians and   


   The interviewed should give answers to the following questions:

   What is in your opinion art?

   What is its value for society?

   How do you see your role in culture now? (considering your profession and

   professional position that you have in the society)


   These interviews would be transformed into texts and with the photos of those

   Interviewed would be shown in the gallery. (Up to 10 interviews altogether)


2. Find a certain number of graphics and sculptures of Stevan Knezevic and

    Show them in the gallery.


3 Show a video statement of the author of the project about art and its values for



4. Show a documentary about Stevan Knežević.


Stevan Knežević (Serbian:Стеван Кнежевић; 1940 - 1995) was a Serbian Painter, sculptor, printmaker and performance artist. He was a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade.

Stevan Knežević was born in Belgrade in 1940. He graduated at the Academy of Fine arts in 1966, and in 1969 he finished the third degree of studies at the printing department of AFA. Since 1980 he worked as an assistant at the Academy in Belgrade. In 1989 he was promoted to associate professor, and in 1993 to full professor of the AFA. He died in Belgrade in 1995.


In the meantime I interviewed :

Danica Prodanovic - director of The Museum of City of Belgrade

Borka Pavicevic - director CZKD

Gorica Mojovic - Member of Parliament

Jerko Denegri - art historian, professor

Maida Gruden- curator of Gallery Studentski Grad

Misko Suvakovic - art theoretician, professor

Radonja Leposavic - reporter of Radio Beograd

Branislav Dimitrijevic - art theoritician

  The Intervuewed  
  Biljana Vukotic  
  Borka Pavicevic  
  Gorica Mojovic  
  Jersa Denegri  
  Vera Vitorovic  
  Misko Suvakovic  
  Radonja Leposavic