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  Mr Mix MR MIX
Film about Goran Jovanov, a retired ballet dancer who becomes an imitator of folk music singers, a creator and participant in cabaret programs and an instructor of male and female striptease performers. A story about an artist who successfully adjusted his talents to the requirements of a society in transition.
The film is under construction.

In an open skylight, on a window ledge, a pair of pigeons raise their young ones. These dedicated and caring parents don't mind other tenants and their chaotic clamor, they are not impeded by threatening voices that come from invisible radio and TV receivers. They disregard disturbing noise of the city. Consistent in carrying out their parental task, they do not participate in complicated life of people that seems to imply a possible catastrophe.

  Istoricar HISTORIAN
Radmilo Milenković is a graduate historian who, in the absence of a better job, cleans and washes the stairs of Belgrade residential buildings. While we watch him performing his daily duties of sweaping and washing a staircase, we listen to his lecture on a forgotten hero Vasilije Trbić, one of the first Chetnik dukes in the beginning of the 20th century in Serbia.
2017. documentary, 11 minutes
  Nezaboravnik REMINDER
This movie follows the work of artist Branko Lazic while designing and shaping clay reliefs – reminders. He dedicates these works to shepherds and shepherdess on mountain Tara at Zaovina, where as a child, he spent summers with his grandparents . He hangs finished reliefs on trees near the meadows where flocks from his childhood once grazed . Hung relief-reminders remain as Branko's personal monuments dedicated to people and time that is no more.
2016. documentary, 32min
  Ivan sa Kosova

This is an intimate story of an artist, a Serb from Kosovo ,who even after the self-proclaimation of Republic of Kosovo is still determined to stay there. Armed with a camera and a video camera, Ivan becomes a reporter, one of the few whose pictures and reportages speak for those who believe that Kosovo and Metohija will remain a part of Republic of Serbia.
2014. documentary, 32min

  simpozijum u Arandjelovcu SYMPOSIUM IN ARANDJELOVC
For 50 years, in Arandjelovac, sculptors and ceramicists, attending summer symposiums, created works of art in clay and stone. Their finished works remain exhibited in the city conquering its green areas and accumulating in the depot of a local museum. The author, who is himself a participant of the Symposium 2013, questions the purpose of further symposium maintenance. The question is sent to the organizers, participants, artists and citizens of Arandjelovac. The movie ends with a surprising conclusion.
2014. documentary, 32min
  Vivienne i Boudewijn


Vivienne is from Germany and Boudewijn is from Holland. They decided to buy land in Serbia and start a biodynamic farm. They settled in Jalovik, a small village about 60 km. from Beograd. Film is about their life in Serbia and their motifs for coming to live there.

This documentary was awarded for scenario at The Amateur Film Festival in Omoljica 2010.

2010. documentary, Duration 15 min
  Kativa Pavelka Vukajlovic


Katica Pavelka Vukajlovic is an artist (ceramist). After giving birth to a child she stops being a ceramist and dedicates herself completetely to her child and to housewife work. After some time the neglected ”artist” in her starts to protest and thus an inner conflict arises.

Film is part of a project – exhibition ’’Face to Face’’ shown in Sopot, Beograd and Subotica and was shown together with film ’’Srdjan’’.

2008. documentary, Duration 10 min.

  Srdjan Vukajlovic


A documentary in which I speak about my prejudice of the roles and responsibilities of a husband and a wife in a family situation, about rivalry that I felt towards my artist wife, how I feel doing house work etc. 

Film is part of a project – exhibition ’’Face to Face’’ shown in Sopot, Beograd and Subotica and was shown together with film ’’Katica’’.

2009. documentary, Duration 10 min.



Opinion pool was filmed in Cacak. where people in the streets were asked if they visit galleries and should we close the galleries since there are not very many people visiting them.

Film was shown as a part of an exhibition – project  “Interaction” in Cacak.

2008. documentary, Duration 7 min



Nataša Budimlija Markovic is a painter and a mother of three children. In spite of all difficulties she is not  giving up her profession.


This movie is not yet finished.


  susret fotka


Director of the movie : Nebojsa Pjević

Camera : Fatmir Hadri and Nebojsa Pjević

Editing : Andrija Maričić

Concept : Srdjan Vukajlović

Film is part of project “Encounter” produced 2007. in Kosovo.

Original version is 50 min. The one you can see here is a “gallery” version 13 min.

  iskaz fotka


My statement about art and my doubts of it’s values and necessity for the society.

It was filmed as a part of a video project done by Branimir Stojanovic and shown in October Saloon in Beograd 2009.

Duration 12 min