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The evolution of my work


I got involved in ceramics  for commercial reasons but very soon I also started making sculptural forms and reliefs. At the beginning I experimented adding different materials (metal, bones etc) and firing them with clay.


In my later works I used broken factory made porcelain plates and cups to form sculptures that carry different messages. These works focus on several topics and also try to point at some social issues concerning art, artist and his/her role in society.


Recently I had been also engaged in making movies and video works some of which emphasize the roles that women are expected to play in contemporary society and their difficulties in fulfilling these expectations.



Some common topics and ideas found in recent works and projects :


a/ artists are not ‘’free individuals’’ but are very much  dependent on society that strongly influences them and their work. Art is a result of social interactions between the artist and his/her environment.


b/ transformations – cups and plates are transformed into new shapes and meanings, objects of daily use are transformed into non usable sculptural objects – there is nothing final, no end product, everything is ever changing.


c/ recycling – cups and plates that are cracked or broken are collected and used as a material for sculptures – there is hipper production of everything even art - we are covering the earth with unnecessary things.